Interview: Clinical aromatherapy expert Dr. Jane Buckle answers your questions

Interview Clinical aromatherapy expert Dr. Jane Buckle answers your questions

We had the honour of having an exclusive interview with Dr Jane Buckle, sharing her expertise during confinement.

Dr Jane Buckle, now retired, has extensive experience as an author, teacher and researcher. She is the founder of R. J. Buckle Associates, an educational consultancy dedicated to integration of clinical aromatherapy into mainstream medicine. She created a certification course, Clinical Aromatherapy for Health Professionals that was the first aromatherapy course to be endorsed by a national nursing organisation (the American Holistic Nurses Association) in 1997.

Her book: Clinical Aromatherapy: Essential Oils in Practice is an absolute must read for wellbeing.

If we learnt anything during these trying times, it is that health and wellness are absolute priorities and taking a holistic approach to health is fundamental. Therefore, we could not think of a better person to answer your questions than Dr. Buckle.

Dr Buckle, what Essential Oils would you recommend to boost the immune system during COVID-19?

Actually, I think garlic is much better – either raw or garlic capsules. But I wouldn’t be without my teatree oil! (Melaleuca alternifolia CT terpineol)

Can we make hand sanitizers effectively from natural products? If so, what mix do you recommend?

I find washing with good old soap is by far the best. Rub until white bubbles appear – only then do you start counting – 20 seconds. Remember to wash under your nails. Concentrate on the pads of fingers rather than the back of hands. Make sure you put some hand cream on at least twice a day so your hands don’t crack and become more susceptible to infection.

What defines a ‘good quality’ aromatherapy product from your expert opinion?

I would look for four key things:

– Ensure there is a botanical name (not just lavender!)

– The percentage used

– Make sure it is organic

– Check for product reviews

There are many recommendations online about how to use essential oils, can you say what are the ‘Dos’ and ‘Dont’s’ when it comes to essential oil use?

You must remember essential oils are hugely concentrated so only a few drops are usually required and on no account drink them. For more info, read my book!

What are your favorite self-care products?

I am rather ancient now so I have aches and pains and your WholyMe Relief Balm is a must.

With the current isolation what do you miss most?

My grandchildren.

How do you keep positive and productive?

A really good laugh every day, dancing around my kitchen to 60’s music and listening to the birds, now I can really hear them. And waving to people I don’t know when I do my daily exercise walk, while at the same time smiling and saying loudly “Social waving!” Everyone smiles and waves back! Try it!