Relief Salts

Magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) has been used for centuries, hosting a plentitude of properties to help the recovery of overworked muscles. We combined natural and scientifically backed ingredients to augment their effectiveness. The result? A highly effective composition of soothing ingredients to relieve overworked muscles and joints.

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Revitalize in Nature’s Embrace

Submerge into a rejuvenating experience with WholyMe Recover Relief Salts. Specially formulated for muscle and joint recovery after intensive exercise, these bath salts blend naturally mined Epsom Salts with potent botanicals, offering you a sanctuary of relief and relaxation.

Pure and Potent

Harness the therapeutic power of nature with our unique botanical blend. Hemp seed oil, arnica, eucalyptus, and frankincense work in unison to enhance the salts’ properties, providing you with a holistic approach to muscle recovery and soothing daily aches.

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Elevate your bath with mindful meditation 
WholyMe x Sarah Drai

This meditation guide is given to you by our wonderful ambassador Sarah Drai a yoga and meditation instructor.

You can find out more about her practice and retreats via her website: