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I use WholyMe’s Relief Salts in the bath for recovery after an intense workout and their Relief Balm for areas of pain or tension in my muscles and joints. They’re full of powerful ingredients like hemp seed oil, arnica oil, eucalyptus essential oil, and more. Having tried many products out there, I’ve found these are very effective and smell great!
I highly recommend checking out WholyMe if you’re trying to ease pain and tension.”

Mark Hyman, International Leader in the field of functional medicine
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Experience Effective Relief at Its Best

Discover the power of WholyMe’s Relief Balm – your go-to solution for effective relief. Whether you’re an athlete or dealing with everyday aches and pains, our carefully crafted balm provides targeted support, soothing overworked muscles and joints.

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Clinically tested

We conducted an effectiveness study supervised by a doctor over a 4 week period.

Participants applied the balm daily and exercised regularly


Satisfaction rating, with participants reporting:

  • The balm reduces feelings of discomfort
  • The balm has calming and relaxing effects
  • The balm leaves a lasting feeling of comfort
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The Relief Balm stands apart with its remarkable formulation that contains 12 powerful active ingredients and no diluters.

We believe in the strength of purity, ensuring that every ingredient included has evidence of its soothing properties.

Our commitment to using only proven and effective components sets us apart.


Our natural ingredients were chosen for their soothing properties.


Well known as a natural anxiolytic, lavender helps soothe tensions and aid relaxation.


Contributes to a sense of cleansing and purifying body and mind.


Particularly rich in Oleic and Palmitoleic acids, avocado oil has softening and regenerating virtues.


Serves as a protective barrier between the skin and the environment without clogging pores.


Rich in omega oils and essential fatty acids that support health.


Renowned for its healing and soothing properties.

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Used to help aching muscles, sore from exercising.


Contributes to the relief of uncomfortable joints.


Revitalising properties help exhausted muscles, decreasing spasms and promoting soothing sensation.


Comprised of a chemical group called Esters. Known for calming and relaxing properties. Used to recentre and focus the body and mind.


One of the most valued ingredients in traditional Hindu practice, Ayurveda. Used for calming properties and soothing tension.


Uniquely rich in Medium Chain Fatty acids and Lauric acid. Reported to help skin inflammation and contains antimicrobial properties.

WholyMe is Different

Our Relief Balm’s high-effectiveness rating is a testament to our meticulously crafted formulation and our obsession with quality. Certified organic by the Soil Association, our balm is potent and pure. 

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Find the right product for you

We care about quality and good ingredients

Kindly made to improve your wellbeing.

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