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I started formulating natural products when I witnessed just how seriously my mother’s stressful lifestyle impacted her health.

Armed with an expertise in Genetics and fuelled by a strong desire to give everyone the tools to maximise their wellbeing, I embarked on a journey to make the healthiest, highest quality soothing products for everyday stresses, aches and pains.

Our modern lifestyle is a source of constant pressure that impacts both body and mind. WholyMe’s mission is to revolutionise your approach to wellbeing. We offer highly effective, all natural and organic products to introduce into your wellness routine.

Celine – Founder

We are powerfully caring

We gathered a small group of people with the aim to alleviate their aches and pains using pure and clean products. We tested existing natural products on the market. From this experiment, it became very clear people wanted four key things: effective products, clean products that don’t compromise health in any way, a clear understanding of the ingredients they were ingesting or applying to their body, and a community to be a part of. All of this with one underlying fundamental: products sourced in an environmentally friendly way. Those elements defined our values right from the beginning.

We continue to involve our early adopters by having them test our in house formulated products before mass production, to assess the effectiveness and satisfaction.


We believe in the effectiveness of natural ingredients.

Plants contain tens of thousands of nutrients that work together to fuel our wellbeing. No amount of synthetics and chemicals can mimic their power.

Our products use innovative combinations of natural ingredients to provide relief at the source.

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We want to help you take control of your wellbeing. We will always provide you with all the necessary information to understand what is in our products, so you make enlightened decisions.


We believe in the undeniable powers of a strong community. With WholyMe you join a family that truly and profoundly cares.

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We believe everyone should find solutions for their wellbeing in nature first. This is why protecting the planet is so fundamental to us. At WholyMe we source the highest quality ingredients, grown organically, and make every effort to minimize waste: our packaging is recyclable and reusable.

Scientific Advisory Board

Our scientific advisory board help guide our research and innovation to bring you the very best in well-being products, backed by the latest scientific research.

Prof Barnes profile

Prof. Mike Barnes

Neurologist and cannabis health expert

Dr Nicolette Perry profile

Dr. Nicolette Perry

Pharmacognosist and expert in the study of plants for health

Ready to break free?


Localised Relief

Relief Balm

For over-worked-out and fatigued muscles and joints, discover our uniquely powerful targeted Relief Balm.


Post-exercise Relief

Relief Salts

For post-exercise muscle recovery, discover our bath salts specially formulated to calm muscles.

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