Half Marathon Running Guide

Have you set yourself the challenge to run a half marathon this year?

Half Marathon Running Guide

We have teamed up with former British Olympian and WholyMe ambassador, Ross Murray to provide you with a free guide designed to get you from the starting line to the finish line. The plan will help you extract the best from your half-marathon training, so you can get stronger and faster in the next 12 weeks.

Subscribe today to receive your free guide that covers all the important information:

  • Equipment needed
  • Nutrition
  • Warm-up tips
  • Breathing tips
  • 12-week training plan
  • Tips on what to do on the day of the half marathon.

Following the advice in this guide will put you in a better position to crush your goals, whether that’s a new personal best or just crossing the finish line in one piece.

Get ready, set, run!

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