How WholyMe Supports Sustainable Living: Our Earth Day Special

Last Updated: 23/06/2023

How WholyMe Supports Sustainable Living: Our Earth Day Special

In today’s world, the importance of sustainability cannot be overstated. As our planet faces unprecedented challenges such as climate change, deforestation, and plastic pollution, it’s crucial for individuals and businesses to adopt sustainable practices to safeguard our environment and future generations. In celebration of Earth Day, we want to share with you how WholyMe is committed to supporting sustainable living. As a wellness company, our mission extends beyond providing high-quality, natural products to help you achieve optimal wellbeing. We also strive to make a positive impact on our environment by reducing waste, using eco-friendly packaging, and sourcing ingredients responsibly. In this special Earth Day blog post, we’ll highlight the various ways WholyMe champions sustainability and what that means for you, our valued customers, and our planet.

Sourcing Ingredients Responsibly 

At WholyMe, we believe in the power of natural ingredients to support our wellbeing. Our commitment to sustainability begins with how we source these ingredients.

a. Organic Certification

All our ingredients are organic certified, which means they are grown, harvested, and extracted following strict standardized processes that are environmentally friendly and respect human health. Our suppliers undergo regular audits by their certifiers to maintain their certification, ensuring that we only use the highest quality ingredients in our products.

b. Local Sourcing

We prioritize sourcing ingredients from Europe, with 66% of our ingredients coming from the region. By sourcing locally whenever possible, we reduce our carbon footprint and support local farmers and businesses.

Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing 

How WholyMe Supports Sustainable Living: Our Earth Day Special

We collaborate with manufacturing partners who share our commitment to sustainability. Our partners hold certifications from organizations such as the Soil Association and ECOCERT, which verify that their production processes adhere to rigorous environmental standards.

In addition, our manufacturing partners hold certifications like HACCP and GMP, ensuring that our products are produced to the highest possible standards.

Eco-friendly Packaging 

WholyMe takes great care in selecting packaging materials that minimize our environmental impact.

a. Violet Glass

How WholyMe Supports Sustainable Living: Our Earth Day SpecialOur primary packaging, violet glass, is fully recyclable. This unique type of glass preserves the bioavailability of the oils in our products, enhancing their shelf life and potency. By using violet glass, we not only protect the quality of our products but also contribute to a circular economy by encouraging recycling.


b. FSC Certified Paper

How WholyMe Supports Sustainable Living: Our Earth Day Special

For our secondary packaging, we use FSC certified paper. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification is considered the “gold standard” for wood harvested from responsibly managed forests. This means that our paper packaging comes from environmentally conscious, socially beneficial, and economically viable sources, helping to ensure that trees are replanted as needed.

Carbon-Positive Shipping

Our fulfillment partner goes beyond carbon neutrality, making them carbon positive. This means that they capture 110% of their emissions, actively contributing to the fight against climate change. They achieve this by:

  • A. Accurately measuring their carbon footprint
  • B. Organizing independent audits to verify their emissions
  • C. Capturing 110% of their emissions to offset their carbon impact

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The Importance of Sustainability in Today’s World 

The consequences of unsustainable practices can be seen all around us, from melting ice caps to extreme weather events and loss of biodiversity. As we continue to deplete natural resources and disrupt ecosystems, the need for sustainable solutions has never been more urgent. 

At WholyMe, we understand the importance of raising awareness about sustainability and empowering our customers to make informed choices. Through our Wellness Blog and various communications, we share information about sustainable living, the environmental impact of our products, and how to incorporate eco-friendly practices into daily life. By fostering a community that values sustainability, we can collectively make a difference and inspire positive change.

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We believe that embracing sustainability extends beyond our products and practices. By advocating for and supporting policies and initiatives that promote environmental conservation, renewable energy, and waste reduction, we can contribute to creating a more sustainable world for everyone.

As we celebrate Earth Day, we’re proud to share our commitment to sustainability with you. By choosing WholyMe, you’re not only investing in your own wellbeing but also supporting a company that is dedicated to protecting our planet. We invite you to join us in making conscious choices that benefit both your health and our environment. Together, let’s create a more sustainable future, one step at a time.


Published On: 12/04/2023
Published By: Jose Antonio Salis



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