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After two years of research and development with an uncompromising obsession for quality, we are excited to release the Relief Balm, an innovative essential product for people with an active lifestyle. It was designed to specifically target localized aches and pains experienced in fatigued or over-worked-out muscles and joints, without compromising long-term health.

Because our lifestyle puts a constant pressure on our body and mind, we wanted to design the best solutions to help you regain balance. We believe there is a healthy option, away from pills, to manage daily stresses & aches induced by lifestyle. Our mission is to revolutionise your approach to wellbeing, putting lifestyle changes and natural products at the forefront.  

At WholyMe we are committed to providing all the necessary information so you can make enlightened decisions about your health & wellbeing. So, here you will find everything that is important to know about the Relief Balm:

  • The history behind the Relief Balm
  • What makes it revolutionary
  • The qualitative study we did on its effectiveness with 200 early adopters
  • A little history about our Relief Balm

It all started with the desire to find something highly effective, pure, and clean to help with general aches and pains. We simply did not want to use anything that could negatively impact health.

With a background in Human Biology and Genetics of Human Disease, Celine knew the impact of environmental factors on a person’s wellbeing. When Celine’s mother’s wellbeing deteriorated because of her stressful lifestyle, and no solution was working to improve her state, Celine helped her by taking a holistic approach: lifestyle changes and natural, potent products that would help her regain balance.

This experience made us realize that there was an important need in the market for solutions to lifestyle related aches and pains that are highly effective but also profoundly healthy.  So, we set ourselves the mission to bring it to you, because we know you don’t want to make any compromises when it comes to your health.

Be it because of intense sport practice, long hours in front of a computer, or poor sleep, we all experience aches and pains daily. WholyMe exists to bring you the healthiest, most effective solutions for muscle and joint aches and pains.

  • A revolutionary product

The healthiest solution for over-worked-out and fatigued muscles and joints.

  1. Pure and potent

The Relief Balm contains 12 natural ingredients and absolutely nothing unnecessary, making it the most potent natural product.

  • It contains Cannabis Sativa (hemp) seed oil, Avocado oil, Arnica oil, Coconut oil, and Eucalyptus, Lavender, Helichrysum, Frankincense, Juniper, Rosemary and Wintergreen essential oils with beeswax. You can learn more about each ingredient’s harvest method and biochemical profile on our Ingredients page.  
  • No controversial components. Today we know that 90% of ingredients present in cosmetic products have not been tested or declared risk-free by the health authorities. This is the sad reality. We chose to make our Relief Balm free from parabens, synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrance or colour, GMOs, sulfates, additives, preservatives.
  • We test every single ingredient to make sure they are safe and clean.

2. Highest quality

At WholyMe we pride ourselves in setting high standards to reach unparalleled results. Our product is certified from seed to shelf, making it the highest quality.

  • The Relief Balm is certified by the Soil Association as COSMOS Organic. This certification requires that every single step of the production process be taken care of by a certified organization. This means our raw ingredient suppliers, our manufacturing partner, every piece of packaging manufacturing partner and our fulfilment centre are certified to handle high quality, organic products.
  • Each ingredient is certified organic as well, and has been tested multiple times to ensure quality, purity, and potency.
  • The glass jar has been specifically sourced to preserve the bioavailability of the ingredients, which increases the shelf life of the product without compromising its quality.
  • We chose to manufacture our Balm in the French Cosmetic Valley as this is where the highest standards of manufacturing for this type of product is.

3. No bad surprises

We conduct two types of studies to ensure we are only offering you the best, healthiest option:

  • Tolerance test: this is patch testing the product under the supervision of a dermatologist.
  • Effectiveness test: we undertake tests we early adopters and volunteers before launching our product to market to assess the effectiveness of our formula

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The most effective solution for muscles and joints aches and pains

  1. Evidence-based ingredients

It is unfortunately not compliant for us to list any therapeutic properties pertaining to ingredients we chose. However, you can find a lot of information and scientific literature online.

  • Most natural product brands use too little natural active ingredients, which they dilute with petroleum, paraben or other, making their products low in efficiency, potency and quality.
  • Our Relief Balm contains nothing unnecessary: each ingredient has been chosen for its impact on your wellbeing, otherwise it is just not in there. This targeted approach makes the product highly effective.
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2. Tested on 200 early adopters

Before launching the Relief Balm, we manufactured samples in our lab with third-party experts and tested the final formula with 200 early adopters. You can read what they are saying on our Trustpilot page here.

Below are the main results of this study, extracted from the questionnaire we sent our early adopters

How would you rate the Relief Balm’s effectiveness?  94% found it highly effective

Highly effective survey 1

How frequently do you use it? 75% use it daily or weekly

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For what purpose? Our product is made for general aches and pains induced by lifestyle habits.

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Beyond being what we believe is the heathiest, most effective solution for your daily aches and pains, the WholyMe Relief Balm has been designed to have the lowest possible impact on the environment and is an extremely pleasant experience to use.

Respectful of the environment, for your health

  1. Sustainable packaging
  • The Balm’s jar and cap are recyclable glass, and it is protected by a box made of FSC certified paper. This means the paper supplier is committed to manage forests in a sustainable way.
  • The ink used on the box is Imprim’Vert certified, which means the supplier removes all waste that is harmful to the environment and does not use any toxic product.
  • We try to limit the packaging to the strict minimum.

2. A carbon positive fulfilment partner

The storage and shipping of products often represent a significant carbon footprint. Our fulfilment partner has started by being carbon neutral, which means every order they shipped out had zero impact on the planet. They took it further and became carbon positive, making their activity actually good for the planet! They achieve this by:

1. Measuring 100% of their emissions,

2. Verifying this data independently

3. Capturing 110% of their emissions, by supporting projects that plant trees in the UK, reduce Amazon deforestation and support solar farms in developing countries.

You can find more information about our environmental standards and certification on our Sustainability page.


A much more pleasant experience

Forget the sticky, smelly gels you apply once that require you to wash your hands twice! The first impression will be driven by the natural soothing scent of the balm. Its delicious texture will melt onto skin as soon as you touch it and it is highly absorbable. You will find it is non-sticky, non-greasy, and will find it ideal for massages.

Relieve your body.


The WholyMe Relief Balm is truly innovative in that it is the most effective, but the healthiest at the same time. With 94% of our early adopters finding the Relief Balm highly effective, we are confident you will find the relief you seek. The Balm’s delicious texture and smell will make it a pleasant experience to use on a daily basis, at home, at the gym or at the office. Plus, you don’t need to worry about your impact on the environment, as we made sure every step of the production is done in a sustainable manner and we limited packaging to the strict minimum.

We know you care about your body, so this is why we made the healthiest solution to manage your everyday aches and pains.

We always want to hear from you: if you have any question or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by email, phone or whatsapp, or on our social media page (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn).