CBD: five ways to know before you buy

Last Updated: 10/03/2023

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With almost one in 10 people in the UK currently using CBD products and more than a quarter saying they’d consider using them, CBD – short for cannabidiol – has enjoyed a surge in popularity during the last few years.

But not all CBD products are created equal. Tests carried out in 2019 on UK high-street CBD oil products found 62 per cent didn’t contain the CBD content promised on the label. One product, the report says, was even found to contain none of the compound whatsoever.

So if you’re new to the world of CBD, how can you make sure a product is what it says it is? And are there ways to find out if a product has been properly tested and quality assured?

If you want to experience the many benefits of Cannabidiol but don’t know where to start, here’s how to make your choice more informed:

  1.  Choose the type of CBD product that will work well for you

Canabidiol comes in many different forms including oral drops (oils), capsules, pastes, concentrates, vape oil, creams and edibles. All have their pros and cons. For instance oil drops – the most popular type of CBD products in the UK – are convenient and easy to use. Plus when taken under the tongue they’re thought to have better bioavailability than some other formats (that is, they’re used faster and more effectively by the body).

  1. What type of CBD does the product contain, and how much?

CBD products in the UK are made from:

  • Full-spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD plus many other active compounds found in the cannabis – or hemp – plant)
  • CBD isolate (Cannabidiol that’s been separated from all other compounds)

Since many other active compounds in cannabis are also thought to have beneficial properties, broad-spectrum CBD products are often recommended over those made from isolate.

Also check a product specifies its total amount of content in milligrams, including the number per serving. This can help you monitor your dosage.

  1. Choose organic

Buying organic means you’re getting the purest ingredients with no harmful pesticides or other chemicals. This is particularly important for this product, since hemp absorbs and removes impurities such as heavy metals and pesticides from the soil. This means if a CBD product isn’t organic, it could be contaminated with toxins.

But don’t just take a manufacturer’s word that their product is organic. Check it’s been certified with a body such as the Soil Association, Agriculture Biologique (AB) or USDA Organic – look for a logo on the product label, packaging or website.

  1. How was the CBD extracted? 

Currently the safest method of extracting the oil is called CO2 extraction, as it’s arguably the cleanest way to remove compounds from the raw plant material. CO2 extraction doesn’t use heat or solvents such as butane or alcohol, all of which can contaminate the extracted oil. Any quality product will state the method of extraction, so look for details on the label or the website.

  1. Check there’s an independent lab report

If a CBD product hasn’t been properly tested, you can’t be sure it contains what it says on the label or that it’s free from heavy metals, pesticides, mould or bacteria. Check it’s been tested by a third-party independent laboratory, not a manufacturer’s in-house test lab – the lab results should be on the company’s website. Alternatively ask the company to send you a copy of the certificate of analysis.

WholyMe Relief Drops contain 600mg full-spectrum CBD that’s 100 per cent certified organic and independently tested. To find out more about CBD and its potential benefits, take a look at our ingredients page.

Learning curve

  1. Knowing which CBD products to buy isn’t easy, especially if you’re a newbie.
  1. Before buying a product there are checks you can do to protect yourself against fakes and products of poor quality.
  1. The more you learn about how a CBD product was produced and tested, the better the choice you can make.
Published On: 29/01/2020
Published By: WholyMe



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