Our process: from seed to shelf


We carefully select ingredients with desired soothing properties by conducting a thorough review of available resources and traditional use.


Having selected our natural and organic ingredients, we gather our board of scientific advisors to further discuss formulations.


We create innovative proprietary formulas based on our scientific findings. Each formula coming out of our lab is verified by third-party consultants.

We search for raw materials that meet our strict standards: Organic certification Best extraction technique Certificate of analysis and tests on botanical extract Standards of cultivation that respect the environment and human health

All raw materials are retested and analyzed for purity and potency upon delivery.

Sample study

We manufacture a small batch before launching full scale production to obtain feedback on effectiveness of products with a dedicated group of early adopters. Any feedback is taken on board to ensure the product fits our audience’s needs.

Quality check

The Soil Association carries out a review of our entire process and supply chain before approving our application to their ORGANIC and NATURAL certifications.

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As far as possible we work with experts to source ecofriendly packaging.

Validation checks

Though everything is tested at several stages during production, we undertake one final check upon completion to validate that the finished goods meet our standards.

Available online

Products are made available to the consumers online.

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