WholyMe Ambassadors

Our ambassadors share our values:

  • They take a holistic approach to health
  • They lead an active lifestyle, which they maintain naturally
  • They are powerfully caring

If it sounds like you, come and help us build our community!


India Bailey

Fitness Coach

India is a trainer & PT who works at the London-based studio, Core Collective. Fitness has always played a major role in her life, having started competing sports from a young age. It threads into everything she does. Her classes place emphasis on music, contagious energy and always pushes her clients performance.

India uses the Relief Balm before or after a long cycle ride when her joints are feeling stiff and she has been impressed with what the product has done for her, and those in need around her. “It is such a plus that WholyMe is a natural product with no bad additives, so you know what you are putting in your body is great”.

Her words to live by: if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

Richmond Stace

Pain Physiotherapist

Richmond works with people who are suffering from chronic pain or injury who want to get better but don’t know-how. He has been pioneering the Pain Coach approach as a way to help people reach their potential and live their best lives by reconnecting with what matters. Outside the clinic, Richmond is an ultrarunner for a cause.

“As an ultrarunner, I frequently experience aches and pains. In one sense, ultrarunning is my way to explore pain and learn ways to deal with it as part of my Understand Pain #upandrun project. To keep running, recovery is vital. WholyMe drops and balm play an important role in recovering from the long runs and my day to day sense of balance, calm and wellness.”

Sarah Drai

Sarah Drai

Yoga Instructor

Sarah quit a long career in finance to dedicate her life to yoga. She founded Yogi2Me, an on-demand, at-home yoga lessons app, and believes a yoga practice is the best thing one can do for oneself. She is a certified yoga instructor and teaches lessons in person and online. Sarah uses WholyMe products on a daily basis, especially the Relief Balm for her neck and shoulder pain induced by long hours of practice.

Ross Murray

Olympic Athlete

Ross is a former elite athlete who made his Olympic debut at London 2012. He competed in the 1500m race where he achieved top 20 on the GB all-time list. Ross got into running at the age of eight, made the England team at 14 and GB team at only 16.

“I’ve competed as a professional athlete for over 10 years and my body has been put under a lot of stress. Since retiring, my joints have become stiff and I simply can’t do as much running as I’d like. I started using WholyMe relief products and noticed my stiffness reduced within a week. I’ve started running more consistently again and I particularly feel great first thing in the morning. I love that it’s all natural!”

We are passionate about supporting athletes like Ross who want to maintain an active unhindered life. We are delighted to welcome him to the Wholyme family as one of our ambassadors.

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Kim Shipton

Pilates Instructor

Kim is a certified balance body pilates instructor, and founder and owner of Cedar Studio Pilates in Hertford. She originally discovered pilates after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at 27 years old. From that point she was determined to strengthen her body from the inside out.

“My reformer studio is my little oasis, pilates is a powerful form of exercise with a real emphasis on strengthening the core from the inside out”. 

Kim is an absolute believer in the WholyMe products both for her muscle recovery and sleep benefits. “Having 3 children under 5, the drops have been a game changer for me in getting a decent night sleep again!”

Dan Suarez

Fitness Coach

Dan is a professional fitness instructor and WholyMe running club’s leader. With over 10 years experience in professional training, Dan holds various fitness related awards and certificates. He is a personal instructor at Equinox London and has the most positive energy we have encountered in a while! Dan ensures every session is fun and challenging, for the WholyMe team it is the highlight of our weeks.

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