What to Use as a Natural Pain Reliever

Last Updated: 23/06/2023

What to Use as a Natural Pain Reliever

Headache, muscle soreness, joint pain… it’s an agonizing list! What do you grab when you want a natural pain reliever? That’s what we are exploring today. 

Natural pain relievers can sometimes be overlooked, especially when there is a pharmacy full of OTC medicines nearby, all offering fast-acting pain relief.  

However, it’s well worth paying attention to the natural pain relievers that have been used for centuries to ease all kinds of aches, pains and soreness across the body.   

The Benefits of Using a Natural Pain Reliever 

When pain strikes, where is the first place you turn? Depending on the pain, many people will go straight to the chemist or medicine cabinet for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) drugs, usually in the form of tablets or gels.  

While these drugs can be effective in reducing pain and inflammation, they come with potential side effects and potential interactions with other drugs.  

Interestingly, many natural pain relievers have been shown to be as effective as lab-produced drugs, while allowing you to avoid potential side effects. 

What Are Some Good Natural Pain Relievers? 

We are about to satiate your curiosity with a list of our favourite natural pain relievers. However, if you are taking other medication or your pain is particularly concerning, then please do consult a medical professional.  

Essential Oils 

An essential oil is a concentrated liquid extracted from plants – including the leaves, seeds, and roots – via steam distillation. While these beautifully aromatic oils are often used in aromatherapy, they can be very effective when applied directly to the skin for pain relief.  

This is because many essential oils have strong anti-inflammatory properties, which reduce inflammation at the source of the pain. Some of these oils include arnica, frankincense, lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, sweet marjoram, juniper, and wintergreen, and that just scrapes the surface. 

These essential oils can be diluted accordingly and applied directly to the skin, or used as part of an effective remedy, such as our WholyMe Relief Balm 

Relief Balm
Relief Balm


This award-winning balm is made with a potent blend of 12 natural ingredients, including powerful pain-relieving essential oils such as organic arnica, frankincense, juniper, and wintergreen. Perfect for sore and achy muscles and joints. 


Is there anything better than indulging in a good massage? Yet research has shown that massage is not just effective for relaxation, it’s also an awesome pain reliever – especially when you are struggling with persistent muscular aches and pains. 

The best massage variations for pain relief are Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial massage, and sports massage. They all rely on different techniques, but all are designed to promote circulation to the area of pain to encourage a fresh supply of oxygen and essential nutrients, thus aiding recovery. 

When possible, look for a qualified massage therapist to assess you and recommend a treatment. However, you can also look up self-massage techniques, which can be equally effective. 

Heat Therapy 

Heat therapy is another natural pain reliever worth your time. Whether you are soaking yourself in a hot Epsom salt bath or using more focused heat, such as self-activating heat patches or hot water bottles, heat increases circulation to the painful area. 

As with massage, this helps oxygen and nutrients flow to the area, while opening blood vessels and alleviating some pain. Just use caution – avoid using any heat that may scald your skin, keep it to around 20 minutes, and don’t apply heat to fresh injuries, such as strains or newly pulled muscles. 

CBD Oil 

Cannabidiol – better known as CBD – has emerged as a popular natural pain reliever in recent years and may be another remedy to add to your natural pain-relieving toolkit.  

CBD comes from the hemp plant but, unlike compounds like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD does not come with any mind-altering effects or the traditional ‘high’ you may associate with hemp products.  

Some CBD research indicates that the compound has anti-inflammatory properties, making CBD a good remedy for muscle recovery and pain relief. You can try this for yourself by using our organic WholyMe Relief Drops, which contain 600mg of full spectrum CBD to offer a soothing experience for your body and mind. 


It’s time to get over your fear of needles! The ancient Chinese medical practice of acupuncture uses thin needles inserted into different areas of the body to stimulate sensory nerves.  

Acupuncture has been used for centuries to treat many kinds of pain, from headaches to back, neck and joint aches. Multiple studies have shown the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating both acute and chronic pain. Perhaps it goes without saying, but always use a qualified acupuncturist – don’t try it at home! 


Whatever pain you are feeling, we hope this list has helped inspire you to find some natural pain relievers. Just remember, if your pain is severe or lasts longer than a few days, speak with a medical professional for more advice. 



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