How to Use Hemp Seed Oil for Sleep

How to Use Hemp Seed Oil for Sleep
How to Use Hemp Seed Oil for Sleep

Struggling to doze off? Don’t worry – there are many things that can help you relax at night! Using hemp seed oil for sleep is one of them.  

If you are finding it difficult to drop off to sleep, take comfort in the fact that you are certainly not alone. It has been found that around a third of adults in the UK struggle to get to sleep on a weekly basis.  

At WholyMe, we are big fans of the hemp plant, so in this article we show you both how and how not to use hemp seed oil to get better shuteye. 

What is Hemp Seed Oil? 

Firstly, avoid this easy mistake – don’t confuse hemp seed oil with hemp oil/CBD oil. Some websites use these terms interchangeably, yet hemp seed oil and hemp oil/CBD oil (cannabidiol) are completely different products. 

What’s the difference? It’s actually pretty simple: 

  • Hemp oil/CBD oil is oil made from the full hemp plant, including the leaves, stalks, and flowers.  
  • Hemp seed oil is the oil captured solely from cold-pressed hemp seeds – little brown seeds found in hemp plants, which do not contain CBD.  

Hemp seed oil – also known as cannabis sativa seed oil – has many uses in several industries. For example, as it is so rich in nutrients, hemp seed oil has become a common ingredient in the kitchen. 

This oil is also commonly found in skincare and healthcare products, as well as pain-relief remedies due to its anti-inflammatory properties. You can read more about the pain relieving properties of hemp seed oil here. 

But today we are mostly concerned with whether or not hemp seed oil is useful for sleep – and how to use it. 

Why Use Hemp Seed Oil for Sleep? 

While it is a nutritional powerhouse and excellent pain reliever, using hemp seed oil alone is unlikely to help you sleep.  

However, hemp seed oil is a good carrier for full-spectrum CBD oil, which is an excellent sleep enhancer. In this case, a mix of CBD oil and hemp seed oil can help you sleep.  

According to the Sleep Foundation, CBD oil is commonly used to decrease anxiety and improve sleep. While more research is required, some studies suggest that CBD affects the release of the body’s primary stress hormone cortisol, therefore acting as a sedative. 

Meanwhile, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence suggesting that CBD can help decrease anxiety and calm the body and mind, which are naturally conducive to better sleep.  

If you have ever tried sleeping when you are stressed, you will know what we mean! 

How to Use Hemp Seed Oil for Sleep 

With all that in mind, what is the best way to use hemp seed oil for sleep? 

As you now know, hemp seed oil is only effective for sleep when used as a carrier for CBD oil/hemp oil.  

This is exactly what you will find with our bestselling WholyMe Relief Drops. These popular drops contain 600mg full-spectrum CBD suspended in a hemp seed oil carrier, which is certified organic, independently tested, and completely non-addictive.  

Relief Drops
Relief Drops


Around 15 minutes before you want to sleep, place three drops under your tongue, wait for a minute, then swallow. This sublingual application is a faster and more effective means of absorbing the CBD into your system.  

While there is some evidence that CBD can be effective in helping you sleep, know that it is not a miracle cure! If you want to fall and stay asleep more effectively, you should also practice good sleep hygiene.  

This means doing things like avoiding screen use shortly before bed, sleeping in a dark room, and cutting back on caffeine in the hours before sleep. We highlight more ways to prepare yourself for a restful night in our articles on creating the best conditions for a deep sleep and building a good evening routine. 

Wrapping it Up 

To conclude, taking only hemp seed oil for sleep isn’t likely to produce the effect you desire. Its best saved for boosting your health in other ways. 

It is only when hemp seed oil is mixed with full-spectrum CBD – and used in conjunction with other positive sleep habits – that you will see benefits to your sleep. 

Order a bottle of our soothing Relief Drops today and see for yourself. Sweet dreams! 

Relief Drops
Relief Drops