How to Use Hemp Seed Oil as Part of Your Wellness Routine

Last Updated: 10/03/2023
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In recent years, we’ve seen a huge surge in the popularity of CBD and hemp-infused products, primarily for their ability to soothe the symptoms of anxiety. But what exactly is hemp seed oil? What physical benefits does it offer? And how can we effectively integrate it as part of our wellness routine?

What Are the Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil?

Unlike CBD oil, Hemp seed oil derives specifically from the cold-pressed seeds of the Cannabis sativa, rather than the stalks, leaves, or flowers. The seeds contain a vast range of nutrients, fatty acids, and bioactive compounds that boast fantastic remedial properties.

Though it may seem like a relatively new and trendy remedy, hemp seed oil production dates back to over 10,000 years ago, and it’s no surprise why.

Applying hemp seed oil topically has been shown to:

With such an extensive list of health benefits, almost everyone can infuse hemp seed oil into their wellness routine and reap the rewards.

How to Use Hemp Seed Oil

You may be wondering ‘how can I use hemp seed oil topically without making a mess?’. Oil is notoriously greasy and difficult to work with, but WholyMe’s Relief Balm offers a lightweight, non-greasy solution to help you get the benefits of hemp seed oil easily!

Formulated with 12 science-backed natural ingredients, it’s the perfect option for those seeking a multipurpose product to incorporate into their wellness routine.

To use it, simply apply a pea-sized amount of the balm to your fingers and massage onto any concerned body area until absorbed. Sit back, relax and enjoy the mental and physical relief the balm brings!

We recommend using the relief balm twice a day for any problem areas, but you can use it more or less as needed.

How to Use Hemp Seed Oil as Part of Your Wellness Routine

The term self-care is such a buzzword these days, and for good reason. Countless studies have shown that taking time to show our body some much-needed TLC has profound effects on both our mental and physical wellbeing.

The WholyMe Relief Balm is super easy to integrate into your wellness routine, whatever that looks like. Here are a few of our favourite ways to practice self-care with the help of our hemp seed oil-infused balm:

Rub it On Your Joints After Exercising

If you’re a fan of strenuous cardio, exercising in the heat, or competitive sports, you’re probably prone to achy muscles and joints from time to time. Hemp seed oil is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, making it the perfect option for topical use in the days after intense exercise.

The WholyMe Relief Balm is also infused with arnica, juniper, rosemary, and wintergreen – four other natural remedies known for their ability to soothe and protect against both muscle and joint pain.

Massage It Onto Any Irritated Areas

Thanks to the Relief Balm’s 100% natural and irritant-free formula, it’s the perfect option for treating sensitive areas of the skin. You can use it anywhere on the body – even on the delicate skin around your face.

The ultra-soothing and softening properties of hemp seed, coconut and avocado oils, make the balm a great addition to your skincare ritual. Apply it after washing your face to reduce any redness and give your skin some deserved nourishment.

Rub It On Your Chest to Help You Sleep

Hemp seed oil is best known for its ability to relieve anxiety and calm the user. This makes it one of the best natural relaxation aid out there. We recommend rubbing a small amount of the balm on your chest just before you get into bed to help you wind down. Infused with famously sleep-inducing lavender oil, it could transform your nightly ritual and help you enjoy better sleep for good!

Hemp seed oil truly has the power to transform your entire wellness routine, so why not try it today?

Published On: 14/07/2021
Published By: Celine Ivari



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