High-quality ingredients: a WholyMe obsession

High quality ingredients a WholyMe obsession
High quality ingredients 1

There’s no shortage of natural products on the market promoted as high quality, effective and pure. But are they really what they claim to be?

For the founders of WholyMe, product quality – which also means the quality of each raw ingredient used – isn’t just a passion but a self-confessed obsession. So we asked Céline, WholyMe’s CEO, to tell us more about it…

Why is it important to use high-quality ingredients?

First, we only use active organic ingredients that have a benefit. WholyMe products are designed to soothe body and mind – if an ingredient doesn’t deliver on this, and if it isn’t backed by evidence or doesn’t have a history of traditional use, we don’t use it. You won’t find any stabilisers, fillers, GMOs, synthetics, petrochemicals or preservatives in our products.

Many things can compromise the quality of products that use natural ingredients. Ingredients define an end product, so it’s important to make sure every step in the process from seed to shelf is strictly controlled – from the growing conditions, the harvesting methods, the distillation methods, the manufacturing, the transporting, distribution and the storage. All these things can have an impact.

Does this mean WholyMe products are more expensive than others?

Because we don’t compromise on quality, cost isn’t a factor when we choose raw ingredients. We have a long list of requirements to ensure ingredients quality. And yes, that means our products are actually quite expensive to make – we do our best to keep prices reasonable and therefore are happy having lower profit margins. We could have made them cheaper if we’d, perhaps, diluted our essential oils or added some synthetic ingredients. But that’s not what we do.

What do you look for when you’re selecting raw ingredients and ingredients providers?

We look for many things. We check the plant’s species, where it comes from, how it’s grown, how it’s been harvested, what part of the plant was used, the method of distillation – and, if steam distillation, the temperature used – plus whether any chemicals have been used. We even look at how ingredients are packaged when they’re sent to us. These are just a few of the steps we take to find providers with the best quality, purest ingredients for our products.

Is it also important for you that all your raw ingredients are tested and certified?

Absolutely. We have biological profiles of all our raw ingredients and have checked the data sheets to find out what molecules they’re made up of. My science background has helped a lot in this respect – I know how to read mass spectrometry results, and I know what defines a good scientific paper.

We also make sure each ingredient has been certified organic – we don’t just take a manufacturer’s word for it. We’re selective about the bodies that certify our ingredients. Some are very strict, like the Soil Association or Ecocert in France, so if they’ve certified an ingredient, we find that reassuring. Then when we receive raw materials, we test them again at our end, then test the finished product too. We also do patch testing of our products by dermatologists in a clinical setting, so you can be sure they’re perfectly safe, well tolerated and effective.

Is it also important to pass this information on to your customers?

We’re extremely transparent. Our website has information on each of our ingredients, in a simplified, digestible format that people will find useful. We give this information to the consumer because we want people to be empowered to make decisions for their wellbeing.

Your obsession with quality – does it set WholyMe apart from its competitors?

I can confidently say that we’re unique in this respect. Our motto is to be powerfully caring, so we go to great lengths to offer the healthiest formulas and solutions – which includes making absolutely no compromises. So yes, you could say our obsession with quality sets us apart.

Learning curve

  1.  WholyMe is obsessive about the quality of its raw materials
  2. We go to great lengths to choose the right raw ingredients manufacturers, with all raw materials tested and certified
  3. We also believe in being transparent, and offer comprehensive information on all our products and ingredients on our website