How Hemp Seed Oil Can Aid Pain Relief. Rich in omega 6 and omega 3

Last Updated: 23/06/2023

Hemp Seed Oil

Whether you have reoccurring niggles or a fresh sports injury, you are probably seeking some fast pain relief.

Luckily, there are many natural pain relievers out there, and hemp seed oil has drawn a lot of attention recently – for good reasons!

In this article, we are taking a closer look at hemp seed oil and how it can benefit people looking for a natural way to ease discomfort from a multitude of aches and pains.

Be sure to check out our award-winning Relief Balm, which combines the power of hemp seed oil with other natural ingredients for an effective pain relief remedy (more on this below).

Hemp Seed oil Relief Balm
Relief Balm

What is Hemp Seed Oil?

As the name suggests, the hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa) using cold-pressing, in a similar way to how olive oil is made.

Because it is made exclusively from the seeds of the plant, the hemp seed oil is completely different to CBD oil, which is made from the entire plant, including stalks, leaves, and flowers.

Therefore, anybody worried about ‘getting high’ from hemp seed oil can relax. Hemp seed oil contains negligible amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the substance that causes the psychoactive effects people to experience when using hemp in other ways.

Instead, hemp seed oil is a nutrient powerhouse. It’s rich in omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids, as well as gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and other nutrients such as B vitamins and vitamin D.

How Does Hemp Seed Oil Work for Pain Relief?

As we’ve mentioned, people use hemp seed oil as a natural remedy for all kinds of ailments, including promoting heart health, improving skin condition, helping with weight loss, and even encouraging hair growth.

Most importantly for this article, hemp seed oil is known to be a great pain reliever.

This is because hemp seed oil is high in omega 6 fatty acid GLA, which studies show can reduce inflammation. Another study, from 2021, notes that the flavonoids, terpenes, carotenoids and phytosterols present in hemp seed oil ‘ensure its anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing action’.

Meanwhile, a 2016 study reported that multiple sclerosis (a chronic inflammatory disorder) patients taking evening primrose oil with hemp seed oil saw an improvement in their symptoms.

How to Use Hemp Seed Oil for Pain Relief?

It’s clear that hemp seed oil has some potential for pain relief – so how do you use it for the best results?.

Hemp seed oil is versatile, with benefits achieved both through ingesting the oil or applying it directly to the area affected by pain.

You can, of course, use it as an oil for cooking, smoothies, or for drizzling over salads or pasta dishes. It has a nutty flavour, often said to be similar to walnuts or sesame seeds.

Additionally, you can take it in capsule form, or sublingually by placing a few drops of hemp seed oil underneath the tongue, then leaving it to dissolve for 30 seconds. This will allow it to absorb into the bloodstream quickly.

For pain relief – say, in the case of a sore muscle – we believe it is best to go directly to the source of the pain and gently rub hemp seed oil into the affected area.

If you are suffering from joint or muscle pain, we suggest using our bestselling Relief Balm. This independently-tested balm includes 12 evidence-based natural pain-relieving ingredients, including arnica oil, rosemary oil, frankincense oil, and hemp seed oil. We use only 100% organic hemp seed oil, which is cold-pressed to ensure that the heat-sensitive molecules within the seed are preserved.

Hemp Seed Oil Relief Balm
Relief Balm

Together, these ingredients combine to help soothe sore muscles and joints. This is why it’s so popular with athletes of all levels, from weekend warriors to world-class Olympians!.

Have you been tempted to add hemp seed oil to your pain relief arsenal? How will you choose to use it?.

Published On: 25/05/2022
Published By: Jose Antonio Salis



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