New Ways to Add CBD into Your Routine

Last Updated: 07/05/2022

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Work, family, fitness and social life – the pressures of modern living can quickly add up and eat away at your serenity. This is one of the reasons why calm-promoting products such as CBD (cannabidiol) have become a popular tool in the fight against stress.

In the UK alone, around 1.5 million people consume CBD on a regular basis and the amount of CBD products on the shelves is growing by the day. There’s even an annual National CBD Day (August 8th), which goes to show that CBD is here to stay!

But how should you take CBD?

It took us over one year to produce a CBD that met our high standards and is true to our core, which is why we believe that our popular Relief Drops is the best CBD product on the market. From professional sportspeople to weekend warriors, we know that our customers agree.

Made with certified organic ingredients and containing 600mg of full spectrum CBD, these independently tested drops offer a complete soothing experience for the body and mind. They can be used in multiple ways to help improve overall health and wellbeing.

Of course, you can use the drops as we suggest, by placing three drops under your tongue, waiting for a minute, then swallowing. Or you can mix things up by adding CBD into your drinks.

Why add CBD to drinks?

You may want to add CBD to drinks to mask the natural and slightly bitter flavour of an all-natural CBD product like our Relief Drops. Or you may get bored of placing drops under your tongue three times a day and fancy a change.

Great – we are all for experimenting here at WholyMe!

If you are creating your own CBD infused drinks, the general rule is to wait until the final stages of preparation before adding your drops.

This may not matter as much with cold drinks like juices and smoothies (see below), but high heat could potentially reduce the potency of CBD. Adding it as the drink cools slightly may help retain all of the benefits.

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Infusing CBD into coffee

At WholyMe HQ, our morning doesn’t begin until we’ve had a hot cup of coffee. While coffee can help you feel alert, it can also bring jitters – which is something the calming properties of CBD can pacify, leading to a feeling of calm focus.

You can therefore add three drops of CBD to your coffee, although add them after the coffee has brewed and cooled a little to help retain the potency.

Our Relief Drops have a natural bitterness, so they go particularly well with the bitter flavour of black coffee. However, as CBD is fat-soluble, your body will best absorb it when taken with fat-containing foods. Consequently, you may consider pairing your CBD coffee with coconut oil or milk.


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Adding CBD to tea

It’s no surprise that Brits love tea – we go through around 100 million cups every single day! So you may consider adding CBD to your daily brew.

Due to the slight bitterness of a natural CBD product like our Relief Drops, mixing it into green tea and other herbal teas will provide the best flavour profile. We recommend trying your CBD with a calming camomile tea, or a spicy chai tea for a little afternoon boost.

As with coffee, allow the tea to brew for around 3 to 5 minutes before adding your drops to retain the potency. You can also allow your tea to cool, then add ice for an iced CBD tea that’s perfect for the warm summer months.


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Mixing CBD into smoothies

Smoothies are a powerful way to start the day or finish a workout, and adding your CBD to a smoothie can boost its effectiveness.

For your breakfast, try a green smoothie made with a cup of spinach (or other green leaves like chard or kale), a banana, half an avocado, two tablespoons of hulled hemp seeds, and a cup of soy milk. Blend everything together, then add your CBD oil, blend for another 15 seconds, then serve.

You can also add your CBD oil to a post-workout shake to boost recovery. Mix together a smoothie containing a scoop of chocolate protein powder, a banana, a tablespoon of peanut butter, a pinch of cinnamon and a cup of almond milk. Then add your CBD oil and blend again for 15 seconds.

In whatever way you plan to serve yours, CBD infused drinks can be a delicious way to mix up your routine and harness the true power of this special oil.

Published On: 23/02/2022
Published By: Barbara Rodrigues



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